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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 14, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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deadly school shooting in united states history second only to the massacre at virginia tech in newtown, connecticut, 50 miles southwest of connecticut state capital, and 60 miles from our studio in new york city. cops identified the shooter as 24-year-old man, ryan lanza. police say at 9:30 they received an emergency call from the school right after the school, or around the town the school usually looks the doors. the killer, dressed in mock military gear, armed with two guns as he opened fire inside the school. his victims? teachers and children. >> we spotted the troopers and the newtown police entered the school and me began a complete active shooter seven including checking every door and every crack and every portion of the school. our objective was to evacuate as
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quickly as possible. >> officials have not confirmed the number of dead saying that they are in the process of notifying families. the officials said the shooter died inside the school. it is unclear if he took his own life or if police killed him. there are reports that the man's mother was found dead and investigators are questioning a second person. this is a developing story. jonathan hunt is live in newtown, connecticut the scene. >>jonathan: hard to imagine and hard to put in words the terror inflicted upon sandy hook where we are, part of the greater newtown area. or upon the children of sandy hook elementary. it is perhaps described best by one of the children themselves who was led away from the school early today. listen. >> we were just in the middle of
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gym and we heard gunshots. the power went out. the gym teachers directed us to stay against the wall and everyone started panicking. then the police came in. they asked if he was in here. we had to climb into the closets and we heard a lot more gunshots and the ambulance came. >> the one thing about the children is that some of them don't understand exactly what happened here but parents obviously understood it all too well. you can only imagine the terror that they experienced as they heard about the shootings and started running toward the school. here is one of the parents. >> mayhem in the room with all the kids and the teachers trying
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to find your kid, identify them, trying to find out the situation. >> there are no words. terror and a sense of immediate urgency to get to your child and to be there to protect them. >> as hard as the teachers tried to protect the children, in sandy hook elementary school today, the awful news is that 20 children were among the total of 26 dead. we do not have final figures. all of this obviously is very fluid. it could change. >> we ask for your patience as we work to confirm every detail we have so far. the wires, jonathan, show that ryan lanza's father was killed in his home in new jersey. in addition to the news from the
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top of the hour, his per, we know, the per of the shooter was found dead in connecticut. we are putting together a little bit of what happened perhaps early this morning but the timeline as we know we are still discovering. what else do we know of the shooter? >>jonathan: we are told he was 24. ryan lanza was his name. there was some initial confusion with the shooter being identified as a 20-year-old. we do know according to officials that ryan lanza has a 20-year-old brother. that may have been where some of the confusion came from. also, interesting to note as we note that, there were reports that police were questioning a second person in detection with the shootings that they allegedly found in the woods behind the school. all of this, obviously, in its early stages. police are confirming just now
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the shooter died inside the school. they have also confirmed that both the mother and father of ryan lanza have been found dead in their homes. the father in new jersey, the mother here in newtown, connecticut. she worked at the school but police obviously are still working through at the who of leads. >> the shooter is deceased inside the building. there is a great deal of work that will be undertaken immediately upon locating the shooter. there is a great deal of search warrant activity and law enforcement activity, instate and out of state to cover all the bases relative to that individual. the scene is secure. >>jonathan: the scene is secure. the school obviously is a major crime scene right now.
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unimaginable to think of the scene inside sandy hook elementary. >> part of the screen the viewers can see what is continuing to be a live shot. we see a lot of responders and police cars on the scene. tell us where you are standing in relation to the school. also, talk to us about what you have seen from the responders that has stayed on that scene for the last several hours. >>jonathan: we are at a media staging area the police have essentially set up. the school is a little bit behind me across the fields. it is on complete lockdown. every street in this very small town of sandy hook is shut off by the cops for obvious reasons. the people of the town as we will hear later, they are not really wanting to talk to the media. very, very understandable.
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everyone here is in a complete state of shock. we did hear some reports that some of the firefighters -- there is a firehouse close to the school -- some of the firefighters walked out in tears and if it is reducing grown men to tears you can only imagine what the small children went through. many were led out through the school in the immediate aftermath of the shotting by their teachers and by police. they were told to cover their eyes. one can only assume they were told to do that because they were walking around bodies of kids who used to be their classmates. >> back to jonathan when we get more news. we are awaiting a news conference from the governor of connecticut and a statement from president obama in seven minutes. now a woman and her eight-year-old daughter, a student, both join us on the phone.
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brenda, as a mother, can you tell us about what you have learned. >>caller: well, when i first came home i assumed it was only the principal that was killed. then i found out that 26 people. i talked to some friends and there are children that are unaccounted for and they will not tell the parents where they are. that is all we know since i left the school. >> so there is a lot of confusion. that has been our experience with the story. your daughter is on the line, what grade are you in? >>caller: third grade. >> what happened at school? >>caller: we were about to have social studies and math we and heard big bangs, like got shots
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and miss martin went to lock the door and she told us to go in the corner and miss martin called 9-1-1 and they came. >> the his came? >>caller: yes. >> that is it right new. can you tell me about how you felt when that was happening? >>caller: i felt scared. and everyone was shaking. >> i am sure. it sounds like your teacher did a good job, though. miss martin is her name? >>caller: yes. >> how did you get out of the school? >>caller: the cops knocked on the door and he told us to come out and we ran out. >> you were pretty happy to see your mom? >>caller: yes. >> tell us how you first learned
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about the shooting and how were you able to reunite with your daughter. >>caller: i got an emergency phone call there was a shooting and the school was on lock down and then i got a text from ap that there was a shooting at a school in sandy hook and i thought, that that is our school. i went to school and there were hysterical moms and she said what is going on, and she said the principal was dead and the children came out with blood. i was numb. it was the worst moment of my life and i saw her come from the school, from the firehouse, with her class, come from next to the score and i broke into tears, the happiest moment of my life. >> what relief. we can only ma'am how that felt. we are so happy you were able to
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see your daughter at that moment. can you tell me, when you are in school, we have heard from people in the town that sometimes you practice emergency drills. have you practiced emergency drills like the one you did today? >>caller: not really. going out and waiting until the people call us. >> did you see anything when you walked out the school? >>caller: no. >> what is next, mom in how do you talk to your daughter about this? what are they telling you, the school officials, about what is next for parents? >>guest: obviously everything is canceled for today. we are just, i want to know how personal friends are and make
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sure the kids are safe, my friends' children i want to make sure they are safe. we are just dailying with it. >> can you tell me one last thing, how did it feel when you saw your mom at the fire house? >>caller: i was really happy. >> i bet. we are happy. that is an emotion you both shared. thank you, both, friend da and sophia. we are so glad your daughter is safe. >> thank you to both of you. remember, she is just eight, one of the children inside the school, nearly 700 students in the school, kindergarten through 4th, you think elementary school is old are kids but at this school it only goes up to the 4th grade. we will wait for the president. he will make a statement and we
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will wait to hear from him. speaker boehner says he is lowering the flags over capitol hill over this incident. but, first we return to the scene, our reporter isin'ing us. >>reporter: the latest information we have been hearing is that the gunman who killed at least 27 persons, 18 of them elementary schoolchildren, meaning somewhere between ten and under, he was from newtown, connecticut, a small suburban community, quiet suburban community, with no crime. he, sources are saying, he went to emergency and kill a relative there. then he came here this morning to newtown and walked into the
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sandy hook school where his mother teaches, shot and killed her mother and shot and killed most of the children in the classroom, the 18 children were in the classroom. the police have recovered two handguns and possibly a .223 high caliber rifle he may have used. he was wearing, dressed in black with body armor, and carrying the two pistols. after he shot his mother and killed the children in that elementary school classroom, he walked down the hallway and at that point, this is a one-level school building, the principal came out of the principal's office with two teachers and at that point the alleged gunman shot and killed the principal. a total of 27 persons killed, 18 of them children, and nine adults and we hear that some
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children may also be in serious condition and may have also died so the numbers may go up to 30 but that is not officially confirmed. that is the situation like in newtown, connecticut. >> he was standing down the street from the scene and we are skipping over a few states here as we continue to watch the story. the crime. the murders happened in newtown, connecticut, but the shooter may have lived in new jersey, where his father was found killed. his mother also fund killed in new stun connecticut. we are just now putting together the story as it comes to our newsroom. right now, 20 children have died. that is the latest. that number has changed the last several hours. we will continue to keep you updated. the president is set to make remarks about the shooting today.
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>> i have spoken with the governor this afternoon and fbi director mueller. i offered the governor my condolences on behalf of the nation and made it clear he will have every single resource that he needs to investigate this heinous crime, care for the victims, counsel their families. we have endured too many of the tragedies in the past few years. each time i learn the news i react not as a president but as anyone else would, as a parent. that was especially true today. i know there is not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten.
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they had their entire likes ahead of them: birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. among the fallen were teachers men and women who developed their lives to help our children fulfill their dreams. our hearts are broken today for the parents and grandparents and sisters and brothers of the little children and for the families of the adults who were lost. our hearts are broken for the parents of the survivors, as well, for as blessed as they are to have their children home tonight they know that their children's innocence has been torn away from them too early
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and there are in words that will ease their pain. as a country we have been through this too many times. whether it is elementary school in newtown or a movie theater in aurora or a street corner in chicago, the mains are our neighborhoods and the children are our children. we are going to have to come folk and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this regardless of the politics. this evening, michelle and i will do what every parent will do, hug our children tighter and we will temperature them we love them and remind each other how deeply we love one another. but there are families in connecticut who cannot do that tonight. they need all of us, right now,
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in days to come, the community needs us to be at our best as americans, and i will do everything in my power as president to help because while nothing can fill the space of a lost child or loved one all of us can extend a hand to those in need to remind them that we are there for them, that we are praying for them, that the love they felt for those they lost endures not just in their memories but also in ours. may god bless the memory of the victims and in the words of scripture "heal the broken hearted and bind up their wound wounds." >> an emotional president obama making a statement about the school shooting that transpired this morning on a quiet winter morning, friday inwe are morning right before the holidays in
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connecticut. the president reflecting how so many of us feel. our hearts are breaking with our fellow americans in connecticut. we will look at a couple of things happening around the country will we are all taking this in. what you are seeing is the flag at half staff at the white house. the president has ordered that to happen as a way to honor the victims in connecticut. it will be flown at half staff and the white house says upon all public buildings and grounds, all military posts and naval stations so if you see this, this is what this is for. we will move to the capitol, speaker boehner early today also saying that the flag will fly at half staff again to honor the victims. ed henry at the white house with us from the briefing room, standing by. you have seen the reaction from the president and jake carney. very report everyone in this room is trying to take a breath.
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i have never seen the president in four years getting that emotional and wiping away tears in front of us, and he stopped himself several times in the remarks saying obviously that he is reacting not just as a president but as a parent as many of us obviously are all around the country and the world. it is also important to note that the business of government does go forward. he made very clear he spoke to the governor in connecticut and he spoke to the f.b.i. director, robert mueller, and pledged every resource of the federal government will be there for the folks in connecticut, state and local law enforcement, to tell with this tragedy and he obviously got into the emotional toll of this tragedy that goes far beyond what any dollar or any resource from the government can deal with but it is also worth noting and i want to make sure i quote hip, he said that at some point we will "come together to take meaningful action regardless of politics." interesting because early today as you noted jake carney was
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careful to say it is too soon-to-be talking about whether there will be gun control legislation in the days and months ahead to deal with tragedies like this, prevent future tragedies like this. again, the president didn't use the words gun control but he said meaningful action regardless of politics in the days ahead. he has faced some criticism after what he noted have been a series of tragedies during the first term of his administration. he mentioned the movie theater in aurora, c temple in wisconsin, tucson, arizona, as well, with congresswoman gabrielle giffords shot and others lost their libs. she thankfully survived. you could tell the emotional trillion on this president from all the tragedies but this in particular with all the children. >> well put. thank you so much. back to the white house as we get more news. a few different points of what the president had to say, and i note that the president gave us more information than we previously had. the president noted that as a
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victim, it included children 5 to 10 years old. if you are just gypping, we have been reporting over the last several hours we have heard of the shooting taking place in a few different locations including the principal's office, the elementary classroom, and the first grade from a parent. the president narrowed that down, 5 to 10 years old. the question is, what happened inside the school? we don't know. we do know that this is the murder of some of our most innocent. that is the big headline of the day as we continue to look through the other details. now is child psychologist and associate professor and a former nypd investigator. doctor, first the murderer. dead. that enrages us.
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there is anger and sadness. what do you do with the remain motions? >>guest: we have heard a lot of people talking about are we becoming sensitized to mass shootings? we hear about it. we are upset for a day or two but this takes it to another level. our most innocent people. our youngest. our most vulnerable members of society. we see they are not safe. they have been sluttered -- slaughtered. will wake us up to the issues of society whether it is medical laws, legal haws, gun laws. i think it is much too early to go into those right now. right now we have to focus on what is happening with the parents, with the children, in that school and that country, what is happening with us here in the united states. this is a global issue. we have to allow people to talk about their grief and rage.
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>> one question that comes up, why does this happen, and what kind of person does this? >>guest: it is a sick and deranged individual. something was going on in his mind that not only took the likes of those innocent people, the schoolteachers as well as his own parents in two separate states. what we know now there are two separate crime scenes, one in new jersey why his father appears to be killed by him. as well as a crime scene, two crime scenes in connecticut, one at the school and one in his mother's home. so law enforcement has a very big task, putting together the different crime scenes and tie the case together to understand why it happened, were there warning signs, and what do we do moving forward. to jeff's point, i would say it is time for us to go him and hug
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our children and to be with our children and try and counsel them in what happened in someone else's school bus they will hear about it. >> i am glad you brought that up. we will take a quick break but so many parents and families are going to see this, it is unavoidable, so we will learn to talk to our kids about it. do you want to take a break? we will take a quick break.
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>> we expect to hear from the governor of cut -- connecticut where the school shooting took place this day, right before holiday break in the middle of hanukah right before christmas. we expect to hear from governor malloy in a few minutes and hope to hear more of the details. officials have been keeping the details under wraps. they are talking to the families of those affected. welcome back to continuing coverage of the worst school shootings in our history. 26 people plus the shooter are dead. 20 of them, the victims, are children. at sandy hook elementary school
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in newtown, connecticut; where this happened. teachers and school officials helped the young students escape. the firehouse was down the block and they told them to close their eyes as they left the school building. moments ago the president offered his thoughts from the white house. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten. they had their entire lives ahead of them: birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. >> the murder of the children and the death of their dreams. >> some of the kids are being led out of the school and the girl in the center of the screen
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is crying beyond consolable getting led out of school. the hospital in neighboring danbury connecticut is treating three patient. the school and the facility was on lockdown. we spoke with the mayor of danbury who said the communities had actions plans in place. >> whether it was a school shooter or mass casualty we drill and we practice and the kids practice. that is why we need these things so we are ready. >> we spoke with an 8-year-old would came out of school 10 minutes ago and said she remembers fire drills and we know a drill is one thing but a mass shooting is another. little can prepare you for this. the parents have been stunned saying they have known newtown, connecticut, as one of the safest places in the country.
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rick? rick: we are surrounded by dozens of members of the media. the governor is very close and is expected to approach the podium. i want to update our viewers on information from a reliable federal law enforcement source who says the shooter in this case may not be ryan lanza but his brother. ryan lanza is in custody in new jersey and that adam, 20, is, in fact, the shooter and used an assault rifle and a glock handgun and may have killed his father in new jersey and then gone do his mother's home here near sandy hook in newtown, connecticut, killed his mother and went to her kindergarten and slaughtered every child in the classroom. the death toll is 26 including 20 children and five adults. the shooter is confirmed dead and is, in fact, adam lanza and
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his brother, ryan, may be in custody. i am told the two weapons were registered to his mother. we are expecting an update from the governor. we were told earlier that his primary concern is the family members of the victims and the governor's press person is approaching as our the state police. >> thank you. we will go there like to the lot of the scene are parents and an official and we don't know the woman on left. maybe we can bring that picture back, someone who is reacting to the situation looking beyond consolable and we can only imagine as we learn 20 children dead, several adults, and we are still waiting on consolation on what happened inside the school. rick brought us news that perhaps the name that we have for the individual of the shooter is wrong and we will work on confirming that. rick is always reliable and this
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has been chaos. this only the initial reports pointed to two shooters. we also heard that local officials were looking for another car that had fled the scene. we had live shots of investigators going into the woods behind the schools. there were many questions on whether the investigation was over, was the scene done, or was there something going on. obviously there is much more to the investigation. the body of the shooter is inside the bill and we will work on confirming the identity. one of the thing we are also watching is the fact that whoever the shooter is, the brother, try as we may, ryan or adam -- here is the governor. >> tragedy played itself out in this community. the lt. governor and i have been
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spoken to in an attempt to be prepared for something like this playing itself out. we can never be prepared if this kind of incident. what has happened, what has transpired at the school building will leave a mark on this community and every family impacted. i and only that all of our fellow citizens in the united states and around the world who have offered their assistance, remember all of the victims in their prayers. to all of you of the media, we will do our best to keep you as informed as we can. after i'm done speaking a representative of the state police will speak to you and give you some additional information. early today a number of our
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citizens, beautiful children, had their live taken away from them, as well as adults whose responsibility it was to educate and supervise those children. the perpetrator of the crime is dead as is an individual who the perpetrator lived with. with that i will turn it over to paul who will answer or will give you additional information. later in the day, perhaps, we will speak again. on behalf of the people of the state of connecticut we extend our condolences to the parents of these children as well as the adults. i thank the president who has been on the phone with us today
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for his statement released to you a little while ago and the statement made to me earlier today as the hours raced by. i should also say there are a number of public officials including the first select woman who has been on-site throughout the day. we have state representative and state senator and other select people who are here. we have the superintendent of schools would has done wonderful work in helping us get the information necessary to begin the process that will be ongoing for a number of hours. i thank in advance the senators for also joining us. i will absent and mr. vance will come forward and speak with you.
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thank you very much. >> good evening. i would like to restate some information we made available earlier and we will take some questions but this is an active ongoing investigation with a great deal of work to go and a lot of things we cannot confirm or discuss as of yet. shortly after 9:30 this morning, the police department received a call for help at the sandy hook elementary cool in newtown. upon realizing the intensity and difficulty of the situation we called for surrounding police departments and state police to respond. upon arrival, officers at the school immediately entered the school as we knew it was potential active shooter situation. the focus was to search for
12:41 pm
students, faculty and staff and remove them to a safe area outside of the school. they did search every nook and cranny every room, and every portion of that school and accomplished that task. they took the rescue to a saming area to reunite them with family members. as has been reported there were fatalities. there were 18 children pronounced dead at the school and two transported to area hospitals and pronounced dead at area hospitals and there were six adults pronounced dead at the scene at the school. as the governor reported, the shooter is deceased and deceased in the school. there is a great deal of work going on relative to that. that i we have not identified him. that means search warrants and examinations of residence, employment, and other ancillary things. the scene has been secured. newtown police officers, state police major crime units for
12:42 pm
western district and central district have responded and are working with several agencies to process this scene. it is not a simplistic scene. we need to establish identity. we need to document the entire scene. we need to answer every single question surrounding exactly how and why this incident occurred. as the governor said we will be here through the night, certainly through the weekend and we are not putting a time stamp on completion. we will work with the medical examiner and establish positive identification l is a great deal of work that needs to be done. we will take very brief questions. this is an active ongoing situation. >> we are told there are two other crime scenes? >> there is a secondary crime scene in newtown, that is
12:43 pm
correct. there is an adult deceased at that location. i cannot discuss anymore information on that. there is assistance being lended to us by new jersey. i don't have the details. (inaudible). >> i can state the information we have right now the shootings took place in one section of the school in two rooms. that as much as we will go in as far as location. our personnel are documenting the entire scene. we will have everything mapped out in a final report with final information presenting the answers. right now i don't have anymore details. right now there is one shooter but we are still looking at every answer later fact and circumstance related to the
12:44 pm
deceased shooter at the scene. >> did the shooter take his life? >> to be determined. why have the answer, the next step is the medical examiner's office who will assist us in answering the many and cause of death. >> how many injured? >> that is it, 26 deceased. >> no injuries? >> one person injureed. >> were the children in one classroom? >> in one section. one area. i don't know specifically how many rooms are involved. i was told there were two but one section of the building. everyone was in that same section of the building. the section of the building exactly is to be determined. >> did you say how the shooter died? >> that is to be determined when the examinations are complete.
12:45 pm
>> 26 including the shooter? >> 20 children, six adults and the shooter. 27 total. (inaudible). >> and that is the school and a secondary crime scene a deceased adult. (inaudible). >> to be determined. our investigators are look at that. we have not made any positive identification. there is preliminary identification but we have a great deal of work. that is something we have to do is establish positive identification on all the deceased, a time
12:46 pm
was the shooter's mother injured? >> that, i don't know. it was 20 children, six adults, and the the shear, and a secondary scene with an adult victim at that scene. the next update will enabout quarter to 5:00. that will be an update. >> one thing i would like to say, we have been meeting with all of the family members. it is a very, very difficult
12:47 pm
scene for the family members, and all the responding first responders. it is a tragic state. we have been asked by the family members to ask the members of the press to request their privacy and to, plaza, leave they are going through a tremendous amount of growth. i am sure you can appreciate that. i have been asked to ask you that personally. back in 60 minutes to ask additional questions. >> that is lieutenant paul advance, the first time he has answered questions about what happened early this morning at sandy hook lty school. we have new now a like shot of what we believe to be the home of the shooter. rick brought us the news of the identity of the shooter maybe being adam lanza or ryan lanza. we are trying to work through that. a lot of conflicting reports which son of the family it might
12:48 pm
be. the father was found dead in new jersey, the mother found dead in newtown, connecticut. there is still question on the identity of shooter. rick? rick: the police are reluctant to get in to too many details of the shooting, they are working to identify the victims in the school and are not ready to identify the shooter. i got that information from a reliable law enforcement source. we heard this family was involved and the shotter had a brother and now we told the shooter's brother could be in custody and the shooter obviously killed himself during the news conference we heard. we are now confirming the numbers which are staggering and horrific: 20 children killed. 18 dead inside the school and two transported dying in the hospital. six adults including the shooter dead in the school. and confirmed a second crime
12:49 pm
scene here in newtown, the home belonging to the mother of the shooter. the mother believed to be dead inside the home. we are told the kindergarten class that was assaulted was the choose of the mother. she was a kindergarten teacher so a horrific set of circumstances. police have a long road ahead of them, processing that christmas scene and putting this together. >> one thing we heard from lieutenant paul vance, he was asked when the police went to the school was it like, did the police engage with the shooter and we learned according to lt. colonel, police did not shoot the shooter. the shooter is dead. so we can never, although we will wait if confirmation, he took his own life. we have state representative john fry of connecticut. representative, you have two nieces and a revenue in the school -- a nephew. are they okay?
12:50 pm
>>guest: thankfully. my niece, the twins, are in 4th, so they will be ten in february. and my nephew is in 1st. >> did they see anything? >>guest: they did not. my nieces were in the library and the librarian and teach are put them in a closet. my nephew was in a classroom close to the classroom where most of the victims but no one saw anything. leaving they school they saw broken glass and the police and swat teams but they also heard noise but they didn't see anything. >> some of the kin described noise as "pots banging around" or hammers. one 8-year-old said she thought it was hammers and that is what
12:51 pm
the teacher told them. do you have any indication that either your nieces or your nephew knew the children hurt together. >>guest: first, my understanding is there was an altercation in the school office and someone in the office had the foresite to put the audio switch that signals to the school there was something going on so like everyone else in the school my nieces and nephews heard a commotion for a brief moment. no indication yet but last night i was at the sandy hook holiday concert where the 4th graders participate and i cannot go pack and think of the people in the audience and the younger kids running up-and-down the aisles and they have all been...things are different today for the
12:52 pm
people in the auditorium. >> thank you for sharing that with you. ♪
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>> continuing coverage over a massacre at an elementary school in connecticut. the gunman's mother worked at the school and presumed dead. his father is dead. we obviously know the suspect is dead with his body still inside the school. this is a live shot of hoboken, new jersey, where we believe the shooter lived and where the father's body is, we believe. the shooter took the lives of 20 children and many adults. president obama ordering ins to fly at half staff. in the meantime sources telling the associated press the suspected shooter's girlfriend and another friend are missing and that his brother is being
12:56 pm
held as a possible second shooter. molly has more. >> i am at a secondary scene the authorities have talked about, in the community where the home of the shooter's mother is, nancy, who has been confirmed dead. there is one body in the home. authorities continue to have this neighborhood blocked down and you can see the yellow tape here. before we came here we got out in the sandy hook community, the people that surround that school, the businesses, and as you can imagine they are just going to come to grips with the pain they will feel in the coming days particularly with the numbers confirmed that 20 children are dead. we had a chance to speak with a number of the business owners, a cafe owner who saw everyone in the cafe, many mothers in the morning running for the school, and we had a chance to speak with a woman who cuts hair in the community. she talked about her fears of
12:57 pm
who the 20 children will be as everyone waits to find out their identities and the identities of the other adults killed. >> 5 to 10 years old is what we know of the victims. who and why this happened are questions we don't have antis for. we do expect a news conference from lieutenant paul vance in an hour. that is it for "studio b" today and harris is here later for the fox report at 7:00 p.m. eastern and continuing coverage here on fox news. what's next?
12:58 pm
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